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An injunction is a court order requiring a person to do an act or to refrain from doing a particular act. An injunction can be sought to prevent domestic violence and for personal protection, to safeguard children or to stop a spouse from selling or transferring money or other assets.

If you need help to apply for an injunction order or if you are on the receiving end of an injunction application and do not know what to do then you need urgent family law legal advice. Delay in applying for an injunction order may put you or a member of your family at risk or money or assets could be disposed of.

Injunction solicitors

To speak to a friendly and supportive injunction and family solicitor at London based OTS Solicitors call us on 0203 959 9123 to discuss how we can help you. Alternatively you can confidentially contact us using our online enquiry form.

Calling OTS Solicitors does not commit you to applying for an injunction order to protect you, your children or your assets. The specialist and approachable family law team at OTS Solicitors will provide expert legal advice and the information you need to help you find the best solution that works for you and your family.

Injunction orders

Many people are either afraid to pick up the phone to speak to a solicitor about an injunction because they are worried about the cost or their partner’s reaction. That is understandable but it is best to get early legal advice so you have a clear idea about:

  • Whether an injunction order is the best legal solution for you. There are alternatives to injunction orders such as a warning letter from a solicitor, undertakings or taking self-help action. It is sensible to take legal advice before taking any decisions as, for example, moving money because you are worried your spouse may transfer the funds from their internet account or taking the decision to leave the family home with the children and move into rented accommodation may not be in your best interests; and
  • The costs involved in applying for an injunction order. The costs of an injunction application will depend on the type of injunction order you need. You may be able to secure a cost order that requires the respondent to the injunction order to pay all or a proportion of your legal costs; and
  • How long it will take to get an injunction order. If an injunction application is urgent, because it involves the welfare of a child, domestic violence or there is an immediate threat of money or property being disposed of, then the court can act quickly and make an injunction order on the day of the court application. There may need to be a second court hearing; and
  • The steps you will need to take to secure an injunction order. The steps to secure an injunction order depend on the type of injunction order you require and may, for example, involve a family law solicitor preparing a statement for you to sign or you attending an injunction court hearing; and
  • What happens after you have got an injunction order. What happens after an injunction order is made depends on the type of injunction order and your personal circumstances. For example, if you get an occupation injunction order saying that you can stay in the family home the injunction order will not allow you to stay at the family home forever but is designed to protect you until long term decisions are made by agreement or financial court order says if the family home should be sold or transferred to you. Alternatively you may need advice about applying to court to enforce an injunction order; and
  •  Injunctions and reaching childcare and financial settlements. Many people fear that if they apply for an injunction order that it will make it harder to reach an agreement with their former partner or spouse over the arrangements for their children, property claims or financial settlement. The first and foremost consideration when applying for an injunction order is whether you and your family need the protection of a court order. Experienced family law solicitors can still help you reach an agreement with your former partner over your children or property after an injunction order has been made. If agreement cannot be reached, a family law solicitor can advise you on court based options to ensure that you secure the right childcare arrangements and financial settlement that best meet the needs of you and your family.

Types of injunction order

There are many different types of injunction order stopping a former partner or spouse from taking a step or ordering a step to be taken, such as an order:

  • Preventing the removing a child from one parent’s care. This type of injunction or court order can be made if there is a genuine fear that a child could be abducted by a parent and taken overseas without the other parent’s agreement or court order giving permission to take the child abroad;
  • A non-molestation order. This type of injunction order states that a person must not molest, harass, assault or interfere with an ex- partner or spouse;
  • An occupation order. This injunction order requires one partner or spouse to leave a family home ( or not enter all or part of the family home ) until the family court decides what should happen on a long term basis with the property;
  • A financial freezing order. A freezing order is also known as a section 37 Matrimonial Cause Act injunction. To secure a section 37 freezing injunction order, a spouse has to be able to show that their husband or wife is intending to use money for the purposes of defeating the spouse’s financial claim. The order will last until discharged by the court or the court makes a financial court order dividing the family assets.

Whatever the nature of your family law injunction enquiry the team at OTS Solicitors can help you.

Injunction solicitors

If you need advice about how whether you need the protection of an injunction order to best help and protect you and your family or if you need assistance in securing or opposing an injunction order application then our specialist injunction and family law team at OTS Solicitors can help you take urgent steps to protect yourself, your assets and your family. Call us today on 0203 959 9123 or complete our confidential online enquiry form.

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