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I have a successful case with OTS , thank God At last I got my Fiancé visa after a long wait process. Around February 2016 me and my fiancé came to OTS office, I Met Nataliya she explained to us the detail and how the process going to be, and we were convinced. Overall I'm happy with the end result, the person who help me most with my case was Hans Sok Appadu, he was attentive and I got pretty quick responses to all the emails and questions I had. Since I'm back in Indonesia and my fiancé is living in London I had to go through hundreds of emails, from sending my documents, reviewing my documents and answering all the questions requirement for the visa applications.
I'm so thankful once Hans came in to work on my case, we did Skype calls to make the process easier and quicker to be done.
Hopefully this review would help people who's looking for a solicitor to help out with their cases and get the help they need and have an easy sailing process. Once again thank you OTS.

Case type: Immigration

Case workers: Hans Sok Appadu

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