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Top 5 ways Bard and Chat GPT will Change UK Immigration

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May you live in interesting times is an English expression and it springs to mind with Google Bard and Chat GPT.

UK Immigration Solicitors need to understand how the likes of Chat GPT, Google Bard, Google LaMDA, AI, and Google Chatbot will change UK immigration.

In this article, the immigration lawyers at London-based OTS Solicitors assess the top 5 ways Google Bard and Chat GPT will change UK immigration.

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What is Chat GPT

Chat GPT is ground-breaking technology that is going to have a global audience and impact almost every aspect of our lives, from work to leisure and our human creativity. It is described as friendly artificial intelligence that has the potential to make us think and work smarter.

How does Chat GPT work

For the uninitiated, Chat GPT works like Google. You type a question into a box, press enter, and you get your answer. Chat GPT generates human-like text and it can be hard to distinguish between copy created by Chat GPT or a copywriter laboriously typing an article or a visa applicant struggling to word an immigration application.

Top 5 ways Bard and Chat GPT will Change UK Immigration

At OTS Solicitors we think that the likes of artificial intelligence such as Google Bard and Chat GPT has the potential to change UK immigration in these top 5 ways:

  1. Checking out immigration options

Imagine if you could use AI to tell you the answer to the visa you require to secure UK entry clearance. You can ask the likes of Chat GPT what UK visa meets your circumstances and requirements.

A word of warning though, at the moment Chat GPT is only up to date to 2021 and one thing that UK Immigration Solicitors will tell you with absolute certainty is that the government frequently changes UK immigration law and the immigration rules. We can see a time when AI is spot on with the latest immigration law developments and should be able to pin down the potential immigration options so you can then work out which visa best suits your circumstances.

With UK immigration options, there isn’t normally one right answer, so you are still likely to need to ponder and take advice on which of the available visa options suits you. For technically astute Immigration Solicitors,  AI in the guises of Chat GPT, Google Bard, Google LaMDA, or Google Chatbot has the potential to streamline legal services and improve customer service whilst maintaining the human touch in offering guidance on immigration options.

  1. Explaining immigration rules

Immigration rules are complicated and even experienced UK Immigration Solicitors can read some of the Home Office guidance and scratch their heads in bemusement. Just imagine if you could ask the likes of Chat GPT to explain the immigration rules relating to a specific visa and then drill down into the detailed eligibility criteria. For example, you could ask AI to explain how company directors can sponsor a partner on a UK spouse visa and how a combination of employed and self-employed income can be used to help meet the spouse visa financial requirement.

  1. Specialist guidance

Once a visa applicant has decided on the UK visa that works best for their circumstances, they then need a detailed guide on how to apply for their visa to best secure their visa. AI in the form of Chat GPT or Google Bard will be able to provide the answer.

For example, if you are planning on applying for a spouse visa you might ask Google Bard or Chat GPT to provide you with a table of requirements and an introduction to the UK spouse visa. The AI assistant may respond with ‘In relation to spouse visa requirements in the UK, you will need to show that ….etc.’

Once you have studied the artificially generated response you might want to drill down further and find out more information on the spouse visa accommodation requirement. Likewise, if you are contemplating applying for a start-up visa or an innovator visa you can ask Chat GPT for a detailed explanation of the key differences between the 2 visas to work out whether either type of entrepreneurial visa meets your needs.

  1. Preparing documents

It is a short step from using AI for research purposes, to asking Google Bard or Chat GPT to help prepare a visa application or statement in support or the business plan in support of your innovative business that needs endorsement from an endorsing body to enable you to go onto secure your start-up visa or innovator visa.

The possibilities are endless and frankly exciting. For example, UK businesses with sponsor licences looking to recruit skilled migrant workers often struggle to write job descriptions for vacancies that match the Home Office published standard occupational classification codes. The overseas job applicant then needs a CV and a covering letter that demonstrates that they meet the minimum skills threshold for the skilled worker visa.

  1. The English language requirement

Most UK visas require a visa applicant to meet the English language requirement as part of visa eligibility criteria. You also need to have documents translated into English to support a visa application. Imaginative Immigration Solicitors can see AI helping with both of these jobs. Translations of documents into the English language could be at the touch of a button. For those applicants who might struggle to meet the English language requirement the likes of Chat GPT could be used to provide personal tuition tailored to the specific requirements of the English language test for UK visa purposes.

Why are OTS Solicitors so excited by AI?

Some lawyers dread AI and see it taking over their jobs. At OTS Solicitors we see Google Bard and Chat GPT changing UK immigration beyond recognition and, used for the good, it provides masses of information for those who are looking into coming to the UK to live and work. It also helps the consumer experience by enabling UK Immigration Solicitors to use AI to improve efficiencies, drive down costs and create enhanced levels of service.

There are bound to be issues for the Home Office grappling with the likes of Google LaMDA. For example, has a business plan been drawn up by an innovative entrepreneur who has a viable and scalable business idea and who is keen to set up a business in the UK or someone rather mediocre who has used AI to enhance the quality of their application?

We will leave you with a conundrum – was this article written by Chat GPT or a UK Immigration Solicitor? Answers on a postcard.

UK Online and London-Based Immigration Solicitors 

For advice on immigration law call OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

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