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Warming Relations Between Iran and the UK Open the Door for Iranian Investment and Entrepreneurs

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On 23rd August 2015, the British Government re-opened its Embassy in Iran, following four years of closure. The Iranian Embassy has also re-opened in London. This follows a historic deal by world powers whereby Iran has agreed to limit nuclear activity in return for the lifting of international economic sanctions.

This move has ignited significant excitement in the City, with financial commentators predicting the warming of relations between Iran and the Western powers will open up new investment opportunities for both Iranians wishing to invest in the West, and foreigners wanting to seek out profit in Iran.

Middle East Investment in the UK

The United Kingdom has always enjoyed high favour with investors from the Middle East. According to CBRE’s ‘In and Out 2015’ review of cross-border investment in commercial real estate, Middle East investors have been recent purchasers of iconic hotels globally such as Claridges, the Connaught, and the Savoy, along with HSBC Tower and the New Scotland Yard site in London. Highly liquid, Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds have an extremely low effective cost of capital, and are able to outbid other possible purchasers when competing for commercial property transactions.

Money from the Middle East investment has left a visible impact on London, financing developments such as the Shard, the Chelsea Barracks, the Olympic Village and Arsenal football club’s Emirates Stadium.

However, Middle Eastern investors have also been substantial investors in the UK outside London – which received US$702 million of their funds in 2014.

A Land of Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Entrepreneurs from the Middle East have also benefited from the simplicity of starting up a company in the UK, with the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, getting behind a £100 million initiative in 2013 to fund Arab and Muslim technology entrepreneurs to set up shop in the business-friendly United Kingdom.

To further encourage entrepreneurial activity and company growth, the British Government announced a 2% cut to the company tax rate to be phased in by 2020.

Capitalising on Investment Opportunities

Two of the best ways Iranian investors can take advantage of opportunities for wealth building in the UK is by obtaining either an investor or Entrepreneur Visa.

Both Tier 1 type visas offer significant advantages, including:

  • The ability to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after a period of five or more years, (or sooner, depending on your investment, or level of turnover and employees in the case of entrepreneurs)
  • Successful applicants can bring their family members to the UK with them
  • Investors and entrepreneurs are free to purchase property, send their children to British schools and use the NHS.

Understanding Iranian Culture

OTS Solicitors has a dedicated team with strong Armenian-Iranian cultural and language ties to Iran. Though these ties, we have assisted Iranian investors, high net worth Iranian clients, students, Asylum seekers, and families with their Immigration matters. Our solicitors work closely with clients from the beginning of the visa application process, minimising anxiety and stress arising from cultural and language differences.

Our highly qualified team advises private individuals as well as corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs moving to live and work in the UK. We also work closely with wealth management companies and investment advisors to provide a holistic, comprehensive legal service to all our clients.

To find out more about how you can take advantage of investment and entrepreneurial opportunities following the warming of relations between Iran and the UK, please phone our London office on 0207 936 9960.

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