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High net worth divorces present difficult challenges. If you are involved in a high net worth divorce or need pre-separation advice on your high net worth divorce options then you need specialist and experienced high net worth divorce solicitors on your side guiding you through the complicated, technical and emotional high net worth divorce process.

Our high net worth divorce solicitors do not just focus on the international or complex assets in your divorce. However complicated the asset structures or size of your financial settlement, we remain focussed on you and what you want to achieve.

High net worth divorce solicitors

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The high net worth divorce challenges

The challenges involved in a high net worth divorce are not just about how much money you have and how much property you own. If you are ultra-wealthy but hold all your assets in cash your high net worth divorce challenges may relate to publicity and reputational damage or to international children law proceedings.

However, if you or your spouse are ultra-wealthy, it is normal for your high net worth divorce to present specific financial challenges. An experienced high net worth divorce solicitor can guide you through those complexities, involving you and your support team in the technical issues as much or as little as you prefer. That is because not everyone who has an international lifestyle or is in the eye of the media, or has a multi-million business to run, wants to know all the legal complications involved in their high net worth divorce.

With the high net worth team at OTS Solicitors you can trust the discrete specialist divorce team to “get on with the job” liaising with your financial team and personal assistants so you know what you need to know, without being inundated by divorce communications

High net worth divorce issues

If you are contemplating a high net worth separation or divorce your UK divorce solicitor has to consider any special challenges associated with your divorce such as:

  • International divorce - The court jurisdiction for divorce and financial settlement proceedings can have a massive impact on the size of the financial award and financial settlement;
  • Arbitration - The court process to resolve any children or financial aspects of your separation and divorce may not be the best option for you and your family if you want to keep your family life private and confidential. We use experienced high net worth family arbitrators (private judges) who can be an excellent and discreet alternative to court litigation;
  • Reputational damage - If you are an  entrepreneur, business owners , sporting or media personality then the fallout from your divorce may not just be the financial settlement but the reputational damage financially and career wise. We work with your publicity team and agents and with reputational damage specialists to minimise the effect of your separation or divorce on you and your family;
  • Finding assets – One of the key attributes of a high net worth divorce solicitor is an ability to find the money. Admittedly, in some divorce cases, full financial disclosure is provided but that is often not the case.  Our team of UK divorce lawyers work with forensic accountants and asset tracing specialists to establish the extent of the assets as, without that information, a fair financial settlement cannot be achieved. If you are concerned about assets being disposed of or transferred out of the court jurisdiction then injunction applications can be issued;
  • Defining family assets – In high net worth divorces it is important to define the matrimonial assets and non-matrimonial assets. The distinction is key to the potential size of the financial settlement, as the court is unlikely to share non-matrimonial assets if a spouse’s needs (based on the family standard of living) can be met through sharing matrimonial assets. This legal argument is raised in high net worth divorces involving inherited wealth, trust assets , pre-marriage owned assets, such as a company shareholding;
  • Special contribution cases - In high net worth divorces it is essential to see if a special contribution argument can be raised as this may affect the size of the financial settlement. If you are ultra-wealthy and the wealth derives from a “special contribution” then you or your spouse may be able to ring fence a share of the assets. This legal argument is raised in high net worth divorces involving entrepreneurial high net worth clients;
  • Off shore assets -  If assets are held off shore your high net worth divorce  solicitors should have experience in international family law cases and be able to call upon the expertise of specialist overseas family lawyers and professionals;
  • Trust assets – It is common for high net worth divorces to include assets held in onshore or offshore trusts as part of wealth protection measures. Financial settlement proceedings involving trusts can require analysis of the nature of the trust (nuptial or non-nuptial) or  require applications for disclosure of discretionary trust information from trustees and administrators;
  • Asset valuation – Valuing the assets accurately in a high net worth divorce is essential. Often assets are held in complicated business, pension, trust or investment structures. We will work with forensic and shadow accountants and your financial advisors to protect your interests;
  • Asset and business restructuring – If you are able to reach an agreement or the court makes a financial court order you may need to carry out asset and business restructuring. We will work with your existing corporate law advisors or call upon the expertise of our corporate law team to advise on asset and business restructuring;
  • Tax consequences of financial settlements – In any financial settlement proceedings you need to look at the “net effect” of any financial settlement taking into account any tax consequences of a financial settlement either in the UK or overseas. We will work with your tax advisors and accountants to factor in and minimise the tax consequences of your high net worth financial settlement.

High net worth divorce issues are not just financial. They can be emotional too. If you are ultra-wealthy, the temptation is to let the divorce lawyers get on with it. Whilst you may be able to afford any amount in legal fees that may not be the best approach to your separation and divorce. Our high net worth divorce solicitors will listen to what you want and focus on securing your objectives as quickly as possible by negotiating hard and providing robust strategic representation in divorce and financial settlement proceedings to help you achieve the result that best meets your personal and commercial goals.

High net worth divorce solicitors

Consultant, Chrissie Cuming Walters, is a dual qualified English solicitor and USA attorney and heads the high net worth and international divorce client services team from OTS Solicitors’ base in the heart of London. For assistance, please complete our online enquiry form. Appointments are available at our UK London offices or by video conferencing.

Your Questions and our answers about High Net Worth Divorce

Thank you for your enquiry.
You and your husband will need to give what is called “full and frank” financial disclosure of your assets when you either negotiate a financial settlement or if one of you starts financial court proceedings.
Once you have your husband’s financial disclosure, your divorce solicitors will be able to review it and check if there are any discrepancies or evidence that assets have been hidden from you, for example shares, investments or additional bank accounts.
As you own a family business with your husband you could ask a forensic accountant, within the financial court proceedings, to look at the business value and look for any discrepancies, for example movements on a directors loan account.
If you are concerned that your husband might sell or dispose of assets then you could apply to court for an injunction order to stop him from doing so.
You do need family law advice on the financial disclosure and your financial settlement options. We would therefore ask you to call us on 0203 959 9123 to arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help you. Please call us.
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