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OTS Solicitors remain top immigration solicitors for press and media comment

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Our primary concern at OTS Solicitors is ensuring that, as top Immigration solicitors, we deliver successful outcomes to our clients. However, we consider that as Immigration lawyers, particularly in today’s political climate, we have a vital role in providing accurate analysis and comment on Immigration law in the UK today.

OTS Solicitors offer authoritative contributions to TV and print media

We’re proud of our track record delivering authoritative contributions to radio, TV and highly regarded publications such as the Wall Street Journal.

A subject that has, of course, been at the forefront of the media for many months now has been Brexit. We have been invited to contribute to the debate by the BBCand managing partner and principal solicitor Teni Shahiean has taken part in discussion on the BBC news, and with Victoria Derbyshire on the BBC.

It’s not just the UK’s media that have been keen to invite OTS Solicitors, as top Immigration solicitors, to comment on matters relating to Immigration. As well as the Wall Street Journal, already mentioned above, OTS Solicitors have provided insight to The American Magazine, discussing the impact the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States and whether it would lead to more American citizens contemplating a move to the UK. Our Immigration lawyers have also appeared in the Swiss media.

Talk Radio invites OTS Solicitors to comment

Immigration lawyers and case workers from OTS Solicitors have been regular guests on Talk Radio, the national radio station devoted to discussing current hot topics such as Immigration, Brexit and of course, Donald Trump. Oshin Shahiean, founding partner of OTS Solicitors has contributed on the subject of ‘extreme vetting’ of Muslims seeking to enter the UK, and on Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Our senior lawyers and caseworkers have featured regularly on Talk Radio discussing a wide range of topics, including deportation and the Windrush scandal.

Immigration, Brexit, Donald Trump – these issues are unlikely to go away from the public eye at any time soon. OTS Solicitors are available to offer intelligent comment and explanation of the legal issues and the wider legal context in which individual issues arise, and of course we will continue to highlight the issues of the day through our own blog.

To discuss any contributions to your feature or article on any aspect of Immigration law, including business immigration, Brexit and related matters, please call OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123. We are Legal 500 recommended solicitors specialising in Immigration and Human Rights law, and will be pleased to assist you.

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