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Legal 500 London Immigration Rankings for 2022 Celebrated by OTS Solicitors

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OTS Solicitors Ranked in the 2022 edition of The Legal 500 for London Business Immigration and Immigration, Human Rights, Appeals and Overstay

When the 2022 Legal 500 rankings were published today the immigration lawyers at OTS Solicitors were just quietly getting on with their work. We are, after all, rather busy with some parts of the UK and the London business community still needing to get to grips with the impact of Brexit and the end of free movement for EU nationals on their ability to hire the staff they require, combined with a global supply chain crisis. That makes securing and retaining sponsorship licences a priority for business immigration lawyers together with the need to get the skilled migrant workers the temporary visas, skilled worker visas and intra company transfer visas they need. Add to that a requirement  to maintain the flow of entrepreneurs to the UK on start-up visas, innovator visas and the global talent visa. Individual immigration is no quieter as families are desperate to reunite after the travel hiatus created by COVID-19 and international students are keen to  start their studies in the UK, with all the consequent human rights, appeals and overstay issues that invariably need sorting.

Amidst all that busyness there was time to celebrate the 2022 Legal 500 London immigration law rankings.

OTS Solicitors are ranked band 4 in the highly competitive London business immigration category and ranked band 2 in the equally competitive London  individual immigration category of the leading law directory, Legal 500. 

UK Online and London Based Immigration Solicitors 

For advice on any aspect of immigration law call the immigration team at OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

OTS Solicitors Legal 500 immigration success

The phrase, ‘punching above our weight’ springs to mind because we are competing for Legal 500 rankings with national firms, some of whom have been in business for hundreds of years. They have tradition and history on their side whereas with OTS Solicitors we like to think that we are as entrepreneurial as many of the business immigration clients we help and that individual immigration cases remain personal to us. Whether you are an SME or you need a spouse visa extension, to OTS Solicitors you are a name and face; never a client number.

OTS Solicitors was only founded in 2015 so we believe we still have youth and agility on our side. In 2020 co-founders, senior partner Teni Shahiean and managing partner Oshin Shahiean, promoted their Legal 500 labelled  'star performerHans Sok Appadu to partner and head of the business immigration team. With Teni Shahiean labelled ‘a next generation partner’ by Legal 500, the future is bright.

Today we are celebrating The Legal 500 commentary that states:

’The firm's business immigration offering encompasses the full range of services for corporate clients, including visas, sponsorship licences, illegal working compliance, transfers and global migration planning. On the human rights side, the firm's expertise covers asylum, deportations, family life matters and cases involving trafficking, amongst other areas. The team is praised for providing 'the highest quality of service' and offering clients 'the most honest solution' to their issues. The highly regarded Paul Gulbenkian, a founding member of the Immigration Law Practitioners Association, works with the firm on a consultancy basis’’.

Whist independent commentary from a leading law directory is brilliant, it is the client testimonials that really give the true picture of what business immigration and individual immigration clients can expect from London based OTS Solicitors.

Legal 500 client testimonials

‘’Not even the global pandemic could stop OTS from achieving success for their clients. They are very efficient and have very good knowledge and communication skills with clients.’’

‘’Always well prepared and always up to date on developments in the law. A very client focused firm prepared to go to great lengths to achieve success.’’

‘’Hans Sok Appadu  is not only a pleasure to deal with , but also an absolute star performer. Always professional and friendly, there has not been an instance in our sometimes very complicated immigration matters that Hans could not resolve as speedily as possible and bring to a successful conclusion.’’

‘’The communication with OTS Solicitors is just perfect. They are excellent with following up, updating, and even keeping their clients calm. I absolutely would trust them 100% again and again with any immigration matter. I have recommended OTS Solicitors to three friends and they are all very happy with them as well.’’

The immigration work highlights that marked another successful year for OTS Solicitors:

  •  Successfully obtained a business visa extension for an entrepreneur and the primary inventor of a patented glove to help individuals with hand tremors.
  • Helped business owners in Iran and Turkey to successfully apply for a sole representative visa or Turkish Businessperson visa in the face of the challenges of COVID-19, including Turkey closing its border.
  • Achieving asylum for a client who had been subjected to human trafficking.

Those snippets don’t say just how much time and hard work went into each case to achieve the outcome that our clients wanted and deserved.

Oshin Shahiean , managing partner of OTS Solicitors, says:

‘’I attribute the continued success of OTS Solicitors in the 2022 Legal 500 London business immigration and London individual immigration categories to old fashioned values delivered with drive and ambition. You could say that it is a winning combination.

‘’At OTS Solicitors our total focus is on providing clients with an exceptional level of business immigration and individual immigration legal expertise. Our expert immigration solicitors offer a genuine service that is tailored to your business or personal needs, at a cost-effective price. We do not simply follow what an immigration client thinks may be what they want. We listen and then offer advice on immigration law and the best immigration options. With a reputation for creativity, professionalism, and being forward-thinking in our work, we are known for finding solutions .

‘’That drive to do the best, whether it is for an SME looking to apply for their first sponsorship licence or challenging the revocation of a sponsor licence or securing a family visa to reunite loved ones, is what has propelled OTS Solicitors forward in The Legal 500 London immigration rankings.

‘’Although we are all delighted by the 2022 Legal 500 business immigration and individual immigration rankings it is business as usual today. That’s because with the end of freedom of movement, we are seeing a substantial rise in requests from employers and organisations seeking to employ European workers on skilled worker visas. The first step is to apply for a sponsor licence and there is no let-up in applications or the requirement for delivering results fast.

‘’We are able to achieve speedy results not only because we employ the best immigration solicitors but because we have adopted a streamlined and efficient service with the introduction of new legal tech software. This software has enhanced our ability to help both business immigration and individual immigration clients whatever their UK or overseas location without the need for a physical presence at our offices. Working around our clients’ busy schedules and time zone differences through online services is how we have been able to deliver the same client service excellence.

‘’We are all very positive about the remainder of 2021 and going into 2022.’’

UK Online and London Based Immigration Solicitors 

For advice on any aspect of immigration law call the expert London immigration lawyers at OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

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