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LGBTQ+ Discrimination and the Law

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When you are in a minority, it can feel as if discrimination is part of everyday life in the UK. It should not be but at OTS Solicitors we live in the real world and understand the discrimination law problems facing our clients in their daily lives, whatever their orientation, gender, nationality, or other characteristics that can make them feel as if they have a target on their back.

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For legal advice on LGBTQ+ discrimination call OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

Why choose OTS Solicitors as your LGBTQ+ discrimination lawyers?

Nowadays everyone is falling over themselves to pronounce themselves as LGBTQ+ friendly and to display pride badges, flags and you name it. Dig down and not everyone is quite as LGBTQ+ friendly as they first appear. That’s why we thought we would tell you a bit about OTS Solicitors before launching into how we can help you with your LGBTQ+ discrimination law needs.

At OTS Solicitors we help the underdog. Why? Our partners know how it feels to experience a hostile environment and to have to smash barriers as first-generation arrivals to the UK. That led to our setting up OTS Solicitors so that we could do our own thing, our way, with our only worry being to deliver excellent client service.

We are a diverse bunch of lawyers but we think of ourselves as a family – that approach helps when we represent the Davids of this world and take on the Goliaths in all types of discrimination cases ranging from asylum seeker claims to work-related discrimination claims and everything in between.

How OTS Solicitors can help you with your LGBTQ+ discrimination law needs

At OTS Solicitors we never fail to be amazed at just how much people have to face in terms of discrimination, often not recognising it for what it is and not understanding what they can do about it.

As a social group, the LGBTQ+ community faces discrimination in all aspects of life but our lawyers can help you with overt or invidious discrimination wherever you experience it:

LGBTQ+ discrimination and immigration law

  • Immigration and asylum claims because you are LGBTQ+ and facing persecution in your home country
  • Partner visas for LGBTQ+ couples
  • Spouse visas for LGBTQ+ partners
  • Fiancée visas if you are in an LGBTQ+ relationship
  • Settlement in the UK if you are LGBTQ+
  • Entry clearance for children if you are an LGBTQ+ couple who have expanded your family through international adoption or surrogacy
  • Staying in the UK if you are in the UK on a partner or spouse visa and your LGBTQ+ relationship breaks down

LGBTQ+ discrimination and employment

  • Discrimination in the recruitment process
  • Grievances and complaints
  • Discrimination claims after facing employer LGBTQ+ discrimination
  • Discrimination claims if you have experienced bullying or harassment in the workplace by work colleagues
  • Employment tribunal representation
  • Employment law help for employers in writing LGBTQ+-friendly employment law policies, such as anti-bullying or inclusive family-friendly policies

If you are facing LGBTQ+ discrimination in the workplace then you can bring a claim even if you have only been employed for a short period or even if the discrimination is subtle rather than overt harassment. In addition, the discrimination does not have to be by the business owners or your manager. It can come from your co-workers or customers with the claimable issue being that your employer has not put in place robust anti-discrimination policies or is not policing them and actively dealing with the discrimination you are experiencing.

If you are experiencing discrimination at work, it can be intimidating to speak to a lawyer but at OTS Solicitors all of our employment lawyers are friendly and approachable and their mission is to help you.

LGBTQ+ discrimination and landlord and tenant problems

  • LGBTQ+ discrimination and finding somewhere to rent
  • HMO problems and co-tenants
  • Breaches of the tenancy agreement by a landlord and tenancy disrepair
  • Tenancy harassment as you are in an LGBTQ+ relationship

If you are experiencing landlord and tenant issues that are down to LGBTQ+ discrimination our expert landlord and tenant solicitors can help. We don’t just know the law on housing and landlord and tenant law but we also know how it feels to be told that a property was taken and a tenancy agreement agreed on ‘just 2 minutes before you arrived’ and the knowing smirk when you are told ‘better luck next time’. That means we provide empathetic housing law advice whilst never forgetting the commercial realities and your end goal of trying to sort the landlord and tenant law problem out and get on with your life rather than make a point.

LGBTQ+ family law services

Our family lawyers provide LGBTQ+ family law services ranging from relationship agreements to protect you and your loved ones to advising on domestic and international children law ranging from advice on parental responsibility and child arrangement orders to international adoption and surrogacy matters. We can also sort out financial arrangements on divorce or relationship breakdown.

Go to LGBTQ+ discrimination lawyers

At OTS Solicitors we like to think of ourselves as ‘go to lawyers’ because we try to see past the problems to work out the solutions to the difficulties you are facing. We are a positive and friendly bunch of lawyers and we think you will be comfortable explaining your LGBTQ+ discrimination law problems to us. We offer clear legal advice to all your LGBTQ+ discrimination law needs.

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For legal advice on LGBTQ+ discrimination call OTS Solicitors on 0203 959 9123 or contact us online.

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